critter hats


Sock Monkey

Hello Kitty

My hats are a hit this time of year so I have to put together a list. If you would like to be added to the list then email me at   I will be working in order of the list.     All hats any size are $20.
sock monkey toddler size - Lori
owl toddler size -Lori
sock monkey adult - Donelle
owl toddler size- Steve
owl toddler size- Linda
owl toddler size- Morgan
sock monkey adult- Lori
owl hat adult- Heidi
owl hat adult- Heidi
sock monkey adult-Heidi
sock monkey 1yr girl- Gladdy
sock monkey toddler boy- Gladdy          estimated completion  Nov 10th
owl hat teen-Georgie
sock monkey adult - Suzanne
sock monkey toddler boy-Morgan
owl hat 1yr gilr- John
sock monkey 17 yr old- Melissa
sock monkey (navy blue) 8yr boy-Melissa       estimated completion  Nov 17
sock monkey baby girl- Kathy
sock monkey 2 yr girl- Kathy
sock monkey 2 yr girl- Kathy
sock monkey adult- Kathy
sock monkey adult - Kathy         estimated completion Nov 23rd
hello kitty hat- Shenille
hello kitty hat - Lori            estimated Nov 26th
purple sock monkey teen size-Rhianon
pink sock monkey teen size -Rhianon   estimate completion Dec 1st
sock monkey hat 1 yr boy- Dianna
sock monkey hat 17 yr girl- Shirley
owl hat 2yr old- Shirley
owl hat 7yr old- Shirley   estimate Dec 2nd
owl hat 9 month girl- Sheryl
sock monkey hat adult- Sheryl
hello kitty-Sheryl
sock monkey teen-Cheryl
hello kitty pre teen-Cheryl